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Sommet sur le Fleuve Ile-des-Sœurs

The distinctive architectural style of this condominium building makes it truly unique. It is part of a ten-building construction project that has been built on an enchanting island near downtown Montréal.

To showcase distinction, highly articulated precast concrete panels were designed to give the building scale and character. This combination combined with a uniform light sandblast two colour finish (light brown and beige) added richness and depth to the project..

The construction of these condominiums was done over a period of 15 years. The main challenge that had to be dealt with, during the last construction phase, was to ensure that the residents' peaceful atmosphere and clean environment would be maintained during the construction of each new condominium building.

Project Details: 1250 Precast panels 70,000 sq/ft

Architect: Groupe Conseil Jean-Pierre Bart. inc.
Engineer: Les conseillers BCA consultants inc.
Contractor: Magil Construction
Precaster: Bétons Préfabriqués du Lac inc.

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