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Union Pearson Express

The Union Pearson Express is a rapid transit line that connects Georgetown GO Transit line with Toronto Pearson International Airport. The additional 25-kilometre express rail service connects Canada’s two busiest transportation hubs, Union Station and Pearson International Airport. The Union Pearson Express is a fast, frequent and convenient Advanced Light Rapid Transit System. The construction began in 2012 and the ARL services began in June 2015.

The scope of the contract also included multiple utility relocations and construction of crossings over three major roadways and Mimico Creek watershed. The AirLINX Transit Partners Inc consortium team chose to use various precast concrete products to accelerate the construction schedule.

For example, precast concrete pier sections avoided having to deal with cast-in-place concrete and facilitated construction during inclement weather while maintaining quality. The precast concrete elements were manufactured in DECAST’s plant-controlled environment which allowed for superior control over quality and match casting. Over 70 new precast concrete piers were used to create the 3km rail elevated guideway.

Three hundred and seventeen (317) precast/prestressed bridge girders were manufactured within DECAST’S indoor bridge girder beds and curing facility. DECAST obtained the necessary permits to deliver the girders on the 401/427/409 highways and ramps to the airport at the times allowed.

They coordinated with their Airlinx Transit Partners, to deliver over ten girders each day – permitting installation of a girder every 30 minutes. DECAST manufactured CPCI 1600, 1900 and 2300 girders. The heaviest bridge girder was 57.5 tonnes and the longest span was just over 38 metres.

Leveraging expertise in project oversight and public transportation, Metrolinx continues to implement its mandate of providing mobility solutions for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Key milestones have been met for First Wave projects including the Union Pearson Express (UP Express), Union Station revitalization and Georgetown South. Steady preparation is underway for multiple Next Wave projects. Core transportation infrastructure is among the most beneficial of public infrastructure projects, measurably contributing to economic prosperity.

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