NRCC Completes Apparent Sound Transmission Class Research on Hollowcore Floor Assemblies

CPCI commissioned the National Research Council of Canada (NRCC) to conduct testing on two Hollowcore assemblies in order to calculate the Apparent Sound Transmission Class (ASTC). ASTC will replace STC ratings in the next edition of the National Building Code of Canada. Both 203 mm and 305 mm thick hollowcore were tested in order to confirm the characteristics to calculate ASTC. 

Although measuring the ASTC in a building (following ASTM Standard E336) is quite straightforward, predicting the ASTC due to the set of transmission paths in a building is more complex. However, standardized frameworks for calculating the overall sound transmission have been developed. This research has enabled NRCC to calculate four scenarios for eventual publication in the NRCC publication, Guide to Calculating Airborne Sound Transmission in Buildings (2013).  

For further information contact Robert Burak at or members can download the report from the CPCI members only website under Research and Technical Papers.

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