National Research Council Curing Research Completed

Although low-pressure live steam curing has been accepted as a standard method of accelerated curing, throughout the world, some specifying agencies require girder manufacturers to “secondary cure” (“wet cure”) for a period of three, five or seven days after having completed steam curing. Recent research conducted by the National Research Council (NRC) on behalf of CPCI (2014) describes the results and analysis of a CPCI/ NRC project to determine the appropriate length of accelerated curing for precast concrete. The results of a round-robin test at nine different permanent precast concrete plants on the effects of curing time on standard concrete performance tests are presented in this state of the art report. Nine CPCI certified plants participated in this study. All of the plants produced samples that met the criteria of CSA A23.1 in terms of compressive strength and RCP for all curing regimes. More importantly, the samples that were air cured after 16 hour accelerated curing were statistically the same as the 168 hour moist cured samples at a 0.957 statistical significance for compressive strength and 0.95 for RCP. Follow this link for the research summary or for more information contact Robert Burak at

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